Friday, July 29, 2005



Browsed around Technocrati for , so I found this bloke's blog. Even though I don't necessarily agree with what he posts, it's still interesting to read another point of view. Even commented.
Thanks for coming and commenting.
I also agree with your idea. many of the islamic terrorist termed personnel are fighting for their own country as well. For example, Palestinian (hamas etc. groups), Kashmiri in India, Chechen's in Chechnia, Russia etc. Now they all claims that they fight for the cause of their country.

Sometime out of frustration they are bringing their campaign to west because nobody is caring about them. Iraq is now occupied by Americans. So if a iraqi national thinks i need to bring this back to USA who is occupying my country, then how do u respond to that?

I'm not in support to killing any innocent ppl anywhere on universe. But we should not be blind to one side or another. We should ensure justice to all.
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