Saturday, July 16, 2005


Bombing in Turkey

The BBC reports four people being killed in a bomb blast in Kusadasi, Turkey. Kusadasi seems to be some sort of holiday resort.

Turkish officials believe Kurdish millitants are responsible for this attack.

If you are thinking "Kurds = Arabs", you are totally mistaken. Even though those people live in the Middle East, they differ in many ways from Arabs, Turks and Persians. Going back in history, the Kurds were (or rather are) going through an extremely tough situation.

In Turkey lives a minority of Kurds. So for example they were forbidden to get any education in Kurdish language for over 80 years, while nowadays it's also quite restrictive. Even though a lot of things changed recently and especially on paper, the situation in reality is still different.

This is not meant to provide a justification for terrorism, what so ever.

For more (un-biased) information, check this:
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